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Students of the Month


Anna Hite - Pierceton Elementary

Anna is a very courteous young lady. In class, Anna is constantly making great choices and is an excellent role model for her peers. When an adult needs help, Anna is one of the first ones to volunteer. Anna is responsible and works hard every day. She is very joyful and always has a smile on her face!
Anna was nominated by Teacher, Jasmine Baum.



Ruth Danner - Whitko Jr High

Ruth is conscientious about her work; has a wonderful personality; advocates for herself; works well with others; and does not take herself too seriously Ruth was nominated by Teacher, Mike Hanback.


TeiJay Langley - Whitko Sr High

TeiJay comes in with a positive attitude each day. He is very caring and always goes out of his way to help others. Several times he has given up his study hall time to help peers. TeiJay was nominated by Teacher, Brandy Smith.


Michelle Yoder (Not Pictured) - South Whitley Elementary

Michelle is a quiet and sweet friend to all first graders. Her classmates think of her as the nicest person in our class as she is the first one to help others with organizing supplies or figuring out an answer. Michelle enjoys quietly thinking about how to solve a problem on her own and never complains when work is hard. Everyone needs a friend as nice as Michelle. Michelle was nominated by Teacher, Angie Tranter.