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Homecoming Highlights

The day was full of fanfair as Friday came to a close at the afternoon pep rally held in the gymnasium. This was the first year that Whitko JSHS hosted a both Sr and Jr court as well as a pep rally with 5 grades in attendance. The enthusiams could be measured by the cheers of the student body easily filling both sides of the gym to near capacity. 

Head Coach Jeff Sprunger motivated the students to attend the Homecoming Game Friday evening and rallied those in attendance to join him in a traditional chant: 

"Clap your hands, stomp your feet, we want meat on every cleat!

The cheer has become a favorite of the Blue Crew who fill the stands each game. Often enjoying the game by attaching a theme to their attire. Homecoming was no exception as the Blue Crew filled the stands with their blue, red, and white, faces painted, along with signs, banners, and oversized posters of Whitko's own football players. 

Special congratulations to the homecoming court of 2018, and thank you to each student who participated this year. Additionally, special thanks to Dr. Rick Bragg and his team of volunteers and students who worked tirelessly to pull off a monumental evening. 

The school day culminated with a Jr High dance in the commons area, and then later after the game, the Sr High had an opportunity to enjoy a "Sadie Hawkins" dance. To view all the photos and video from the evening, be sure to connect with Whitko on their social media via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The links have been provided on the homepage to this website on the right hand side of the screen. 

Below, we have provided the Homecoming Edition of Whitko Weekly for those who may not follow Whitko's social media: 

Whitko Weekly - Homecoming Edition