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Homecoming 2018

Advertisement for Sept 21 Homecoming at Whitko


Homecoming 2018 Schedule of Events

  • SEPT 10 - 14 -- Hall Decorating -- Each Grade has been allocated $100 for supplies.
    • Seniors - Main Hall
    • Juniors - Upper A
    • Sophamores - Lower A
    • Freshmen - Weight Room Hallway
    • 8th Grade - C Wing
    • 7th Grade - D Wing

  • THEME DAYS 17TH - 21ST
    • SEPT 17TH - In the Jungle, PAJAMA DAY
    • SEPT 18TH - Dress Like your Favorite Animal Character, JUNGLE BOOK
    • SEPT 19TH - Dress Like you are Ready for a Jungle Safari, JUMANJI
    • SEPT 20TH - Dress like the 70's Disco Era, JUNGLE BOOGIE - DISCO DAY
    • SEPT 21ST - Dress in Blue, White & Red - School Colors, It's SPIRIT DAY


Seniors: Kaitlyn Frank, Aly Mosher, Jose Cordero, Zach Gardner
Juniors: Claire Kern, Gabby Craft, Dominick Moseley, Gabe Gaff
Sophomores: Summer West, Lauren Hollenbaugh, Cameron Sapp, Brent Studebaker
Freshmen: Kennedy Templeton, Elizabeth Miller, William Rickerd, Cade Berg
8th Grade: Abbi Frank, Madison Riemersma, Mannie Hurd, Heath Tinker
7th Grade: Taylor Stidham, Megan Baxter, Jacob Ehrman, Kyler Krull

  • SEPT 21ST - PEP RALLY - Whitko will host a pep rally during school hours for students. Weather permitting on the football field. 
  • 7pm - Homecoming Game! Crowning the court at halftime

  • After the Game - SADIE HAWKINS DANCE - 9-11:30pm 
    • Sr High Students Only 

As a part of the festivities, Student Council will recognize students with the best costumes at the Pep Rally. Judging will take place during the three lunch periods. Prizes for best dressed teachers will also be presented!