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PIERCETON, IN -- Pick up and drop off at Pierceton Elementary had a surprise visit after school last Thursday (8/30) by the Pierceton Police and Paramedics. A pre-planned safety inspection of each vehicle was requested by PES. Officer Ryan Piper and Paramedic Alicia Elder visited each vehicle as families exited the pick up line. Piper and Elder were on hand as a public service to provide the safety inspection of seat belts and car seats for each child. 
Alicia Elder carries a car seat donated by Lutheran EMS Kosciusko to install in a vehicle for a local family.
No citations were given for improper seat restraints, but instead car seats were provided to families free of charge. 6 car seats were donated by Lutheran EMS Kosciusko who regularly offers free safety inspections. As a result of the day's efforts, 23 students were given proper direction for safety restraints. 
"Principal McClain had contacted us to talk to parents about making sure their children are properly restrained. It's really important for parents, even when they feel like they're doing a pick up and they're only going a couple of blocks, they often times feel like 'I'm only going a couple of blocks,' they don't necessarily [believe they] need to have to get a restraint,' and it completely puts their child at risk," shared Elder. "We're just hoping that everybody will take a couple of extra seconds to make sure your most precious cargo is safest in your car." 
Officer Ryan Piper of the Pierceton Police Department stands alongside of Paramedic Alicia Elder prior to the safety check
An alert was sent out by Whitko Community Schools following the safety check which read, "Thank you to all families who participated in today’s Car Seat Check. Safety is a priority at PES. Please help continue to keep our school safe by practicing safety in the car pick up line. 1. Check the center harness 2. Check seat expiration dates  3. Remember, Lutheran offers free car seat inspections to those in need."

Officer Piper hands out stickers to PES students as he waits to check vehicles for inspection.