Welcome to Our Virtual Kindergarten Roundup

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  • We are so excited that your family has chosen Whitko and we can't wait to meet you. This year, with the advent of COVID-19, our school has chosen to provide a virtual experience now (during the Stay at Home Order) and then a more personalized experience for families in the fall.


    • Kindergarten Welcome Night - August 4th at 5:30pm Whitko's Pierceton Elementary and South Whitley Elementary schools will be open to kindergarten students and their families only. This will be an important time for our first time students to meet their teachers, get some of the nerves out of the way by being present with your child during their first visit to our school, and establishing that they feel safe and important at our school. And don't forget to bring your phone/camera for that first photo with your new teacher! 


    • Social Media - We do a lot of fun videos and share a lot of important information through our social media with our Whitko Families. Make sure you find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to get the most from our communications. And save our website, Whitko.org to your bookmarks in case you need to come back to find something you may have missed. 



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