High Ability Mission Statement

  • Whitko recognizes that some students perform at or show the potential to perform at an outstanding level, when compared with other students of the same age or experience and that these students can come from all backgrounds, cultures, and ethnicities.

    Whitko is dedicated to identifying those students from all populations and providing high ability services in order to meet students’ individual needs; empowering students to create their futures.   


Whitko Beliefs about High Ability Learners...

  • High ability achievement doesn't happen by chance.


    Staff, students, and parents of Whitko Community Schools understand how giftedness impacts individuals in the intellectual, emotional, physical, spiritual, and social domains.


    High ability learners have unique academic & social-emotional needs; therefore these students have access to an education that's challenging, engaging, and individualized.


    High ability learners are given opportunities to advance at their own pace, are provided authentic learning experiences, and have access to real audiences; beneficial to a future career.


    Educators have an important role and responsibility to high ability learners. Staff of Whitko Community Schools are flexible, provide proper attention to all learners, provide appropriate accommodations to high ability learners, use resources at a professional, knowledgeable level; giving appropriate attention, encouragement, acknowledgement, and rewards to high ability learners.


    All WCS educators involved with curriculum and instruction are responsible in advocating for high ability learners and design challenging learning experiences.


    It's imperative for the good of all that Whitko Community Schools meet the needs of our high ability students.  We highly value our community and want our students to return when they grow up to make our school community even better!