How We Determine an E-Learning Day

  • We thought it may be helpful to share some insights about the process we use to determine which days will be used for e-learning. Our e-Learning committee made a decision that has helped inform our process for the each school year. With that in mind, we felt it would benefit everyone to know when to expect the make up days in the event of a school cancelation.


    To help better understand our policy, we’ve created a helpful chart and explanation: 

In the Know

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday
Thursdays & Fridays
  • Essentially, a cancellation on a Monday through a Wednesday means we will have an e-learning day that Saturday. But if we cancel school on a Thursday or Friday, that means we will wait until the following week and then have an e-learning day on the next Saturday. We find that doing this helps our teachers to have enough time to prepare a valuable learning experience on the e-learning day.