Transfer Student

  • In the event that an identified students from Whitko Community Schools transfers out of the district, the school will send documentation of the screening/identification, with the other records of the student, to the receiving district upon request.

    When a student identified by another district transfers into Whitko Community Schools, the student’s records will be reviewed by the District Identification Committee and a determination will be made whether or not placement in the High Ability Program is appropriate for the student.

    At the time of registration for a new student, a parent/guardian will be asked to complete the New Student Request for High Ability Screening Form available in the respective school office indicating if the student has received high ability services perviously or if the parent/guardian or student requests the student be screened for high ability services. The form is forwarded to the District High Ability Coordinator to determine what data is needed and conducts the appropriate screening of the student for high ability services. Screening may include the administration of potential based assessments, performance based assessments, high ability behavior rating scales, interview, anecdotal records, and/or portfolio items.

    After the screening is complete, the District Identification Committee will meet and determine if high ability services are appropriate for the student. The parent/guardian will be notified of the committee's decision and will be advised of their options regarding the appeal process if the student was not selected for the program.