• At any time a parent/guardian, teacher, counselor, or the student may request that a student be furloughed from the high ability program. 

    The District Identification Committee consisting of Whitko Community Schools Superintendent, Whitko Community Schools Special Education Direction and Whitko Community Schools High Ability District Coordinator, and any other individual acting  in the best interest of the child will meet and consider the furlough request.  If it is determined that it is in the best interest of the student to be temporarily removed from the high ability program, furlough options will be considered. 

    The purpose of such a furlough is to provide the student an opportunity to attain performance goals established by the team.  A student may be furloughed for a period of time deemed appropriate by the committee.  At the end of the furlough period, the student’s progress shall be reassessed and a determination will be made as to the educational setting that will be most appropriate for the student at that particular time.  The committee may decide that the student may re-enter the program, may be exited from the program, or may be placed on another furlough.  

    If the committee determines the students should re-enter the program and the parents object, the parent must sign a waiver indicating they are removing their child from Whitko's High Ability Program and that they understand their child will not receive the services of an identified High Ability student.