High Ability Identification Committee

  • Whitko Community Schools has a High Ability Identification Committee at the district-level, not a building-based level.  The identification committee is comprised of the district superintendent, district special education director, and district high ability coordinator.  This committee meets at the end of every school year to review,  analyze data from aptitude and achievement tests, and for selection of high ability students. 

    • All test data (aptitude, achievement, and qualitative) are collected and placed on a spreadsheet.  
    • This is a blind selection process of total anonymity.  Student’s names are NOT included when the committee reviews the data and determines who's selected as high ability. 
    • Students are identified as high ability in General Intellectual or Specific Academic (Language Arts or Mathematics).

    Parents/guardians will be notified if their child is eligible for the high ability program late spring/early summer, after the identification committee has met and determined students who qualify.  Parents/Guardians will have the option to consent to or refuse their child's placement.  Parents/Guardians may also file an appeal with the District Coordinator for placement in the program if their child was not identified.