Broad based Planning Committee

  • Composition of Broad Based Planning Committee:
    The Indiana Administrative Code defines a Broad Based Planning Committee as the following:
    “Broad-based planning committee” means a diverse group with representation from:
    (1) educators;
    (2) parents;
    (3) students;
    (4) community members; and
    (5) other stakeholders;
    organized for the purposes of planning and development of programs.

    Members should have an interest in and support for high ability education. Members should also include decision-makers within the corporation. The High Ability Coordinator keeps a record of official members, including contact information.

    Purpose of the Broad Based Planning Committee:
    The BBPC represents stakeholders and its purpose is to review the continuous development and implementation of the services and programs for high ability students. The committee serves as the:
    Representation of key stakeholders
    Sounding board for programmatic ideas
    Keeper of the vision for high ability education
    Assessor of the degree to which program goals are being met
    Impetus for improvement
    Ambassador for high ability services in the community
    Although the local governing body has ultimate responsibility and authority for all student services, the committee has the role of planning and reviewing policies and services. Suggested roles for the Broad Based Planning Committee include:
    Review the 5 required written plans that are to be available for public inspection (511 IAC 6-9.1-1)
    Multifaceted Student Assessment Plan
    Curriculum & Instructional Strategies Plan
    Counseling & Guidance Plan
    Systematic Program Assessment Plan
    Professional Development Plan
    Review implementation of the 5 required plans
    Review the results of the programs for students with high ability, including student assessment results, program effectiveness, or student achievement. (IC 20 – 36 – 2)
    Prepare an action plan for improvement related to the 5 plans
    Develop a collaborative relationship between school staff(s) and the committee
    Develop a 3-5 year strategic plan for program development