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Expanded Background Check

Click the link to complete your Expanded Background Check.

As a prospective employee, you are responsible for the cost of the expanded criminal history report.  It must be done ASAP before you start your first day of employment.  The payment will be made online to Safe Hiring Solutions. 


To protect students and staff members, the School Board requires an inquiry into the personal background of each applicant the Superintendent recommends for employment on the Corporation's support staff.

Such an inquiry shall also be made for substitutes.

The Superintendent shall establish the necessary procedures for obtaining personal background information on each applicant recommended for employment on the Corporation's support staff which shall include the following:



an expanded national criminal history check (as defined by I.C. 20-26-2-1.5) of the criminal history record system maintained by the Federal Bureau of Investigation based on fingerprint identification or another method of positive identification



a search of the national sex offender registry maintained by the United States Department of Justice



telephone inquiry with each former employer



explanations of any employment gaps to ensure the candidate has not omitted an employer where an offense occurred



verification of the applicant’s eligibility to work using the E-Verify database maintained by the Federal government as required by I.C. 12-32-1

Each applicant shall certify under penalty of perjury his/her eligibility to be employed by the Board as a United States citizen or a qualified alien. The Board may deny employment to an applicant who is convicted of an offense for which the applicant’s license for the position may be revoked or suspended by State law.

The procedures shall provide that information and records obtained from pre-employment inquiries under this policy are confidential and shall not be released except as necessary to implement this policy or defend a decision made pursuant to this policy.

Any costs associated with obtaining the criminal history record are to be borne by the applicant.